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Types of Student Organizations

24.1 Student organizations may be classified according to their scope of membership or nature of activities.

24.2. Based on scope of membership, student organizations may be of Two (2) kinds:

24.2.1 College Organizations. These are student organizations whose members belong exclusively to one college.

24.2.2 Class Organizations. These are organizations whose members belong to academic program courses.

24.3 Based on the nature of their activities, student organizations may be classified as:

24.3.1 College Student Councils

24.3.2 Publication

24.3.3 Interest Groups

24.3.4 Fraternities and Sororities

24.3.5Chapters/Branches of Recognized National or Regional Organizations

24.3.6 Cultural Performing Groups of the College

24.3.7 Academic-based Organizations

Specific Rules for Student Organization and Activities

Registration of Student Organizations

24.4 Student organizations, in order to operate legitimately, have to be registered by the college. College organizations are granted recognition by the SODO.

Rights and Privileges of Registered Student Organizations

24.5 Registered student organizations are entitled to the following rights and privileges: (1.) use of campus facilities (grounds, classrooms, buildings, et cetera.), subject to rules and regulations on the use of such, and provided official academic activities are not prejudiced; (2.) Representation through SPAMAST Supreme Student Government in standing committees which concerns student welfare and interest.

24.6 For fully registered student organizations, their officers or members may be appointed representatives of the college in community activities as requested or recommended by the College Dean.

Limitations of Rights and Privileges

24.7 Fraternities and sororities are subject to the following rules: (a) Freshman students are absolutely banned from joining any fraternity or sorority. Any fraternity or sorority which permits or invites freshmen to join any activities shall have its recognition cancelled; (b) Initiation of students, which inflict physical or moral damage, is strictly prohibited.

24.8 The annual reports of registered organizations are to be submitted within two weeks after the start of classes during the first semester or upon notice by the SODO.

Failure to submit the annual report on time shall prevent the organization of taking activities in the campus.

The Advisers and Officers of Student Organizations

24.9 Only faculty members shall be an adviser of any student organization. They shall make proper consultations with their respective Department Chairmen before accepting the advisorship. A non-teaching staff, by virtue of his/her special knowledge and expertise in the field of interest of a student organization, may be asked to co-advise.

Duties and responsibilities of the adviser are to be embodied in the Constitution and By- Laws of the organization. His/her responsibility extends to both on and off-campus activities. The adviser, a more experienced and concerned mentor-elder in the college, provides advice to the members of the organization not only on how to achieve organizational goals but also on the development of individual members as responsible and concerned citizens. 24.10 The academic qualifications required for the officers are the following: (1) No student with a grade of “INC.”, or “5.0” in the semester immediately preceding the term of office may become an officer of an organization, except when these grades have been completed, removed, or re-enrolled and passed during the Summer term. Officers of all other organizations are required to have a weighted average grade of “3.0” as certified by the Registrar’s Office. Certifications of Good Moral Standing also need to be presented as qualifications; (2) A student may hold the position of President (or its equivalent) in only one organization within any given semester. The officers and adviser(s) are jointly responsible for the conduct and discipline of the organization. Like that of the adviser(s), activities held inside or outside of the campus are the responsibilities of the officers.

24.11 Student Activities are encouraged in cognizant of the main functions of the college.

At the same time, students who participate in these activities are expected to maintain good academic standing. Hence, the College reserves the right to limit, exclude or suspend the student’s participation in activities if they need to devote more time to their studies. The students may participate in any of these activities:

24.11.1 Co-curricular Activities. These include all activities concerned with the improvement and enhancement of academic experience such as: (1.) Organization of seminars, lectures, exhibits, panel discussions, etc; (2.) Exposure to and affiliation with professional organizations and activities;

24.11.2 Extra-curricular Activities. These include all activities of school clubs and in the following areas: community service, sports and games, cultural, social and special projects.

24.12 Out-of-school activities whether organization or class-related, need approval from competent school authorities. The following procedure must be followed: (1) Letter of request in triplicate copies, stating the purpose of the activity shall be prepared by the organization/ Class President and signed by the Adviser/Faculty concerned. The letter of request must be submitted to the Student Services for recommendation to the College

Dean and approved by the VP for Academic Affairs at least one (1) week before the scheduled activity.

24.13 The parents’ consent or waiver shall be distributed to the parents or guardians for their signature. The reply slip must be returned to the student services for filing.

24.14 The faculty shall accompany the group. In the event that he/she is unable to go with the group, the former shall see to it that a substitute shall be sent in his/her behalf. The Office of the Student Services must be notified of the changes.

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