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10.1 A special class maybe done for students who requested to carry loads which are not offered on the current semester they are enrolled. The following are the mechanics:

10.1.1. Student(s) shall make a written request to the Department Chairman for the offering of identified subjects for special class, before classes begins;

10.1.2. At least fifteen (15) students shall constitute one special class offering, requester below 15 students shall pay school fees equivalent to 15 heads in the undergraduate programs and the required miscellaneous and laboratory fees when necessary. The maximum number of students is forty five (45);

10.1.3. The Department Chairman endorses the request and recommends to the Dean at least two (2) faculty members who will handle the subjects together with the schedule of classes;

10.1.4. The Dean endorses the request and recommends to the VPAA;

10.1.5. The VPAA recommends approval of the request to the College President;

10.1.6. The President approves the request and the faculty member who will handle special classes shall be notified through the Dean of College. The Dean of College shall require submission of syllabus by the faculty who will be handling the subject.

10.2 Special classes shall be conducted beyond office hours as approved by the President through VPAA.

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