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To ensure of an atmosphere conducive to the pursuit of academic excellence and the formation of responsible and productive Filipino citizens, as well as to maintain the order necessary for the common good, the College prescribes the following norms:

4.1 Students shall, in word and in deeds, observe the usual norms of courtesy and etiquette in all areas of interpersonal relationships with any member of the College community;

4.2 Students are expected to show respect and regard to all visitors on campus and to cooperate in ordinary classroom procedures as well as to help in keeping classrooms and corridors clean;

4.3 Students shall refrain from doing untoward behavior and actions that tend to disrupt and disturb the teaching-learning process. He/She should pass through corridors with minimum noise so as not to distract students in on-going classes;

4.4 Students shall refrain from smoking in classrooms, libraries, laboratories, shops, and within the premises of the college;

4.5 Students are encouraged to use school facilities for their meetings, seminars, conferences, cultural presentations, athletic activities, and the like, but with prior permits from the authorities concerned.

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