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11.1 Since SPAMAST is a state college, the student's educational expenses are partly borne by the State. The College charges a fixed amount per unit course. Laboratory fees vary according to the laboratory course.

11.2 Students pay other fees like registration, entrance fee, library, medical, dental, athletic, ID, student handbook, test paper, guidance, cultural fee, audio-visual fee, psychological, testing fee, student affairs services, maintenance, laboratories, developmental fee, student government, student publication and MASCUF fee.

Note: Information regarding tuition and special fees may be secured from the Accounting Office prior to and during the enrollment period.

11.3 Normally the mode of payment of tuition and miscellaneous fees shall be as follows: enrollment period -50%; midterm examination period-25% and final examination period-25%.

11.4 Students who are granted honorable dismissal or leave of absence, or voluntary withdrawal from the College shall be entitled to a refund of their tuition only in accordance with the following schedule:

11.4.1 Within one week from the opening of semester classes (or 2 days from the opening of summer classes) - 70%;

11.4.2 Within two weeks from opening of semester classes (or 3 days from opening of summer classes) - 50%;

11.4.3 within the third week from opening of semester classes - 30%;

10.4.4 within fourth week from the opening of semester classes–20%.

11.5 In the case of students who withdraw before the opening of classes, the refund of tuition, which shall be made in accordance with the schedule, shall be counted from the actual date of registration.

11.6 In the case of dissolution of a class or the death of a student during the semester, the corresponding tuition may be refunded.

11.7 Students who request for refund of tuition fees shall secure recommendation from the chairman of the Department and the Dean of the College and the final approval of the VP-Academic Affairs.

11.8 The schedule of examinations as specified in the College calendar for the school year shall be observed unless otherwise changed to another date authorized by the VP for Academic Affairs.

11.9 The maximum period for each final examination shall be two (2) hours.

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