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17.1. The Registrar’s Office follows the official school calendar for the deadline of the submission of grades that the proper authority of the college periodically issues;

17.2. Students are enjoined to periodically check with the Registrar’s office through the class cards received or evaluation form available from the department whether or not their grades taken for the semester have been given.

17.3 Students who do not have grades are expected to immediately inform their professors or teachers and the Registrar’s Office regarding the matter.

17.4 The student concerned is enjoined to take full responsibility of the Incomplete (INC) received and he/she is directed to immediately coordinate with the faculty about the mark/s given.

17.5 The Registrar’s Office for a fixed period of one (1) year or two semesters allows the student to settle with the proper authorities the INCOMPLETE mark that he/she has received. The one (1) year period starts from the submission of the final grade for the semester due.

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