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“Creating a rich culture of academic excellence and integrity through innovative instruction,
adaptive researches and sustainable extension and enhanced resource generation while
promoting environmental resilience, equity and harmony in diversity.”

     SPAMAST shall take pride on pursuing an organizational context to develop a culture that would further excellent outcomes in all facets of educational processes through employment of innovative teaching in order to challenge student engagement and motivation, foster industry-driven and collaborative researches and transfer of sustainable,
focused, and high-impact extension projects and programs, and through diversified and enhanced resource generation and efficient resource utilization.

     Amidst diversity, the College shall promote environmental resilience through innovative researches to enhance and protect managed and natural ecosystems, ecosystem services, and human well-being to adapt to changing climate and reduce vulnerability. Equal opportunity and access to affordable but quality education help curtail the incidence of poverty in the country as well as in the ASEAN region. Education is believed to be an efficient and effective catalyst to eradicate poverty.



“A premier competitive institution of higher learning providing professional training in
Education, Agri-Fisheries, Science and Technology, Agri-Business, Information
Technology and other related disciplines geared towards inclusive
growth and development in the ASEAN Region and beyond.”

   The global network and the steadfast pace of technological changes purge boundaries between and among countries in the ASEAN region and the world. Coping with change is a challenge for higher educational institutions to sustain the global standards of knowledge management to achieve high quality and academic excellence.

   Dynamic leadership and management of HEIs are significant and vital in achieving educational aims through the employment of systems thinking to discover opportunities for innovation and creative development in instruction, research, extension, and production to produce quality and productive individuals. SPAMAST is vibrant in the delivery of quality and excellent education necessary in achieving inclusive growth by providing sustained and equal opportunities for decent jobs, raise productivity, and continuously foster quality life to all resulting to integrated
development in the ASEAN region and beyond.



“Improved capacity to provide equal opportunity to quality education."





                                                                                              F – unctionality                  S – teadfastness and

                                                                                              A – ccountability                P – assion to attain goals guided by

                                                                                              I – ntegrity             TO       A – ffinity and

                                                                                              T – ransparency               M – otivation to face adversity imbued with the

                                                                                              H - armony                        A – ptitude to

                                                                                                                                       S – erve with compassion and

                                                                                                                                       T – eamwork

SPAMAST shall be guided with the unwavering organization’s fundamental beliefs that would guide in fulfilling the goals of the College. Officials and employees shall manifest strong FAITH to SPAMAST where they exhibit robust Functionality, acknowledges Accountability, show the essence of Integrity, Transparency, and Harmony. They appreciate Steadfastness and have Passion to attain goals guided by Affinity and Motivation to face adversity imbued with the Aptitude to Serve with compassion and Teamwork.




    To provide higher technological and vocational instruction and training in aquatic and marine science, agriculture, and industrial fields, pursuant to the provision of the School’s Charter Batas Pambansa Blg. 148.




The library engages in many functions and activities which are hereby set down in an Annual Report.


Since the library is an integral part of the educational program, its services shall be well planned, organized and properly administered. The following were highlights for the school-year period:


Services and Utilization

                A request was sent out to DOST- STII for the Installation of STARBOOK’s or the Science & Technology Academic and Research_Based Openly_Operated Kiosks intends to serve as information access portals in key areas in the Philippines. People in the community can have digital access to the scientific information physically available at the Science and Technology Information Institute, the DOST Science and Technology Information Network of the Philippines (ScINET), Philippine eLib project sources, freely_available online resources, and subscribed databases.


33.1 Issues and conflicts on the interpretation of provisions in this Student Handbook shall be referred to the Academic and Administrative Councils for resolution.

33.2 Further, any amendment thereof shall be subject to the approval by the Board of Trustees.

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