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                                                 The aspirations, dreams, and hard work of the two people sharing the same outlook
                                              in life – then Barrio Lieutenant Juanita Ybarle Vda. de Salmon and former Assemblyman
                                               Benjamin V. Bautista Sr. – paved way to the creation of SOUTHERN PHILIPPINES AGRI-
                                                             BUSINESS AND MARINE AND AQUATIC SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY.

                                                 The journey began in 1966 when Municipal Ordinance No. 70 was passed, creating
                                                 Malita Barangay High School, primarily to help the poor who could not afford to study in
                                                 private schools.

                                                 The school started with only 80 students in one class with no school building and
                                                 chairs to sit on. The class was held under a mango tree with the students sitting on the
                                                 protruded roots of the tree.

                                                 Two years later, Municipal Ordinance No, 80 dated July 5, 1968 was passed
                                                 converting the said Barangay High School to Malita Municipal High School with complete
                                                 secondary curriculum. It was housed in a two-hectare lot in Poblacion, Malita – donated by
                                                 Mrs. Juanita Ybarle Vda. De Salmon. This is where the 10-room Marcos type building was
                                                 constructed with Ms. Rosario P. Dormitorio as the new High School Principal.

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