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“A leading institution of higher learning in the fields of aqua-terrestrial and technopreneurship responsive to the development needs in Southeast Asia and beyond.”

    The widespread impact of technology, rising demands of varied masses, surging competition, declining government financial support and other influences are the foundation in facing new challenges for the Southern Philippines Agribusiness and Marine and Aquatic School of Technology (SPAMAST).

      Based on the results of the Benchmark Study, consultations with stakeholders as well as the organizational assessment, most of the students want to enroll subjects that are not offered by SPAMAST. The college has limited options in non-degree or short term course which makes it impossible for the institution to cater the needs of the many. Moreover, these masses are the less fortunate students who desire to have affordable yet quality education. Given these grounds, the institution has to change its position in order to meet the situation.

    For the next six years, the institution envisions to be more responsive to the changing community and environment. SPAMAST wants to become an internationally known leading institution that produces globally competitive and employable graduates not only in the fields of marine sciences, agriculture, agroforestry and agribusiness but also in various non- degree and technical education programs. Development needs as stated in the vision does not only mean quality instruction but also the institution’s involvement in internationally acclaimed researches and promotion of value-adding and export-winning products. Likewise, the service area is beyond Southeast Asia since for now, institutional linkages has gone as far as USA and Australia. 



“Imbued with sincerity, excellence, commitment and good leadership, the institution fervently carries out its functions to provide high quality instruction, relevant researches, focused extension programs and self-sufficient production ensuring peace and equity, preserving cultural heritage, addressing gender sensitivity and climate change.”

     The Mission of the college embraces the four functions of an academic institution. SPAMAST wholeheartedly and passionately employs the provision of quality instruction utilizing updated and appropriate technologies supported with state-of-the -art facilities and laboratory equipment which would enhance the academic learning and technical awareness of students. Need-based and suitable researches will be implemented gearing towards acquisition of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), national and international awards, commercialization and augmentation of the institution’s resource and income generation. Extension programs will be concentrated and will not be done in a one-shot-deal manner. The institution will be part in the development process of the adopted communities as partners showcasing the research undertakings. Other than research commercialization, production function maximizes the utilization of existing income generation projects as well as identification of new feasible ventures. All the institution’s functions take into account the inclusion of gender awareness and sensitivity, the understanding of cultural diversity and the impacts of climate change. These factors are believed to have vital influence in molding the whole being of the new generation as well as in the system of SPAMAST as an academic institution.





 The institution progresses with


Openness and

Positive attitudes, promoting



Competence and

Excellence for




     The Southern Philippines Agri-Business and Marine and Aquatic School of Technology is an institution of higher learning that gives importance to Teamwork, Openness and Positive attitudes toward each other to promote Accountability in the exercise of our duty to our service sphere. It carries out its Instruction, Research, Extension and Production functions with utmost Commitment valuing Competence and Excellence in providing quality education in delivering Sincere Services.




Serve our clients and the constituents of SPAMAST, with utmost courtesy, impartiality, justness, promptly, and efficiently from Mondays to Fridays, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Provide assistance to those with special needs of our clients, the students, transacting pregnant women, senior citizens and differently from differently-abled wherever necessary.

Adhere to fulfill tasks, and responsibilities in accordance with our citizen's charter because we firmly believe that public office is a thrust so we promise to serve the public based on the principles of transparency, and accountability, imploring the aid of Divine Providence

Monitor services extended by our frontline services to address complaints about services and make corrective measures to improve delivery of services.

Attend immediate response to every citizen's comments, suggestions, and needs, as service is our primary concern.

Strict compliance of service standards providing written explanation for any delays in frontline services.

Treat clients with the best service the agency can offer in the pursuit of excellence and efficiency of our service.


                                                                                  SPAMAST OFFICIALS AND EMPLOYEES




To provide higher technological and vocational instruction and training in aquatic and marine science, agriculture, and industrial fields pursuant to the provisions of the School's Charter Batas Pambansa Bilang 148.

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