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In tandem with the Vision of the institution, SPAMAST will be working towards improving the
quality of teaching and learning using appropriate delivery methods based on responsive curriculum.
The strategic objective of the curriculum and instruction is to have an improved relevant curricular
and instructional delivery system.

Instructional Materials Development

For 2014, SPAMAST aims at developing 15ICT based instructional materials. As the year ends, the different departments were able to submit 12 materials. Three from Information Technology, 5 from the Fisheries and Marine Sciences, 1 from Agri-Business and 3 from Education. There is limited time for Instructional Material Evaluation and Review Committee (IMERC) to convene for the accreditation of the submitted instructional materials due to hectic schedules. A recommendation to change the constitution of the committee was also welcomed to fast track the review and implementation phases. The reconstitution of the committee was also directed to be prioritized in 2015 since a Memorandum of Agreement between SPAMAST and Central Mindanao University was undertaken to establish the former’s Institutional Materials Development Center and set up the policy guidelines.


Harmonization and Offering of New Programs


                There is a new program proposed to be offered in 2014. Graduate school has offered a graduate program which is an additional line up to the current offering of the Master of Arts in Education program, which is the Science Teaching major. The program will be offered in the two SPAMAST campuses.


The institution is aiming at weaning the consortium programs currently offered – the Master in Public Administration and Doctor of Philosophy in Education major in Educational Leadership and Management. A line-up of new programs was identified to be offered in 2015 - MS Information System, MS Agriculture and Teacher Certificate program that will cater non-education graduates to earn education units.


Improvement of Instructional Systems


For 2014, there was a target of 10 syllabi of which Climate Change Gender and Development are integrated. Actual accomplishment counts to . Integration of the Gender and Development has been deferred since the training on GAD integration was undertaken in 2015 considering that the GAD integration training was conducted as early as 1st quarter of 2014. More will be integrated in the syllabi like the peace and equity and cultural heritage are committed in the mission of the institution.

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