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21.1 A candidate for graduation shall file his/her application for graduation with the

Registrar’s Office at the start of the last semester.

21.2 A student shall be recommended for graduation when he/she:

21.2.1 Has satisfied all academic requirements;

21.2.2. Completed his/her On-the Job Training (OJT);

21.2.3 Passed the four (4) units Comprehensive Review to Board Program Curriculum (for programs with board examination only); and

21.2.4 Complied all other requirements prescribed by the College.

21.3 No student shall be allowed to graduate from the College unless he/she has earned there in more than 50% of the academic units required in his/her curriculum.

21.4 A candidate for graduation shall have his/her deficiencies made up and his/her record cleared not later than two weeks before the end of his last semester.

21.5 No student shall be issued a diploma and a transcript of records unless he/she has been cleared of all accountabilities.


The ultimate goal of the Office of the Student Services is to develop skills, attitudes, interests, and work habits of a student so that (s) he will be academically and socially competent. It also aimed to develop students physically, emotionally, morally, socially, and psychologically.

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