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14.1 The work of students shall be graded at the end of each semester in accordance with the following system:

Grade Point




Grade Letter


Qualitative Rating

1.0 99-100 A+ Excellent

1.25 96-98 A Outstanding

1.5 93-95 A- Good Work

1.75 90-92 B+ Satisfactory Work

2.0 87-89 B Average

2.25 84-86 B- Moderately Average

2.5 81-83 C+ Moderately Low


2.75 78-80 C Low Average

3.0 75-77 C- Passing

I.N.C Incomplete (No Credit)

5.0 Failure (No Credit)

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________BOT Resolution No.

510, series of 2010

14.2 Incomplete (INC) is temporarily given to a student who may qualify for passing but had not complied with all requirements of the subject. Such requirement(s) must be satisfied within one year from the end of the term; otherwise, the grade automatically becomes a "5" or Failure.

14.3 A student who has received a passing grade in a subject shall not be allowed to take another examination for the purpose of improving his/her grade.

14.4 The computation of the grade is based on a modified transmutation table, where a student has to get 50% of the total number of items in order to get a passing grade of 75 %.

14.5 Bases of grading the student may include the following:

Quizzes/Assignments - 40%

Major Exams - 30%

Requirements - 30%

Total 100%

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