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3.1 Students are regarded as an expansion and reflection of the College. Hence, whether on or off the campus, he/she is expected to be a model of the highest norms of behavior suitable as a true scholar, a future professional, and a respectable citizen.

3.2 Students are expected to know the vision, mission and goals of the College.

3.3 Students shall observe and respect the laws of the land, the standards of organized society, and the code of conduct, rules and regulations of the College.

3.4 Students shall observe the guidelines on wearing the prescribed uniform and school Identification Cards.

3.4.1 All students are required to wear properly the standard school uniform on all school days except, WEDNESDAYS and during SUMMER classes. The school uniform must be worn with respect and dignity. Only students wearing the prescribed uniform shall be allowed to enter the school premises and the classroom;

3.4.2 The standard school uniform for female students is white blouse, green checked skirts with green checkered neck tie, and black closed shoes with/without heels. Likewise, the standard school uniform for male students is white polo shirt, black pants and black shoes;

3.4.3 All students are prohibited from wearing the following while in campus during non-uniform days (Wednesday & Saturday including Summer classes): Sleeveless / sando shirts / blouses; Dresses or blouses with plunging neckline; Dresses or blouses with spaghetti straps; City shorts; Mini skirt; Torn shirts and pants; Low waist or hip hugging pants; Midriff, tube blouses or shirts, off shoulder blouses; “See through” or knitted shirts / blouses / dresses; T-shirts with vulgar or offensive prints and designs; Slippers

3.4.4. Students are required to wear his/her Identification Card at all times while inside the campus. Identification Cards must be validated at the start of every semester by the school registrar.

3.4.5. The school ID is non transferable. Any form of tampering, defacement, unauthorized use, or lending to others is strictly prohibited and may result in confiscation, revocation, or disciplinary action;

3.4.6. A student who graduates or withdraws from the College must surrender his ID card to the Registrar’s Office as a prerequisite to the issuance of a certification of graduation or transfer by the Registrar.

  1. Students are encouraged to be involved and to participate in the different activities of the College. At the same time, the student who participates in the activity is expected to maintain good academic standing. Hence, the College reserves the right to limit, exclude or suspend the student’s participation in activity if needed to devote more time to his studies.

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