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13.1 Each student is required to submit his/her class card to his/her instructor during the first day of classes.

13.2 Regular attendance and punctuality in every class enrolled is required of each student. Attendance is counted from the first day of regular classes regardless of the date of the student’s enrollment thus classes missed due to late enrollment shall be considered absent.

13.3 As provided for by Sec. 1551 of the Manual of Regulations for State Colleges and Universities, a student who has incurred absences of more than 20% of total class meeting in a given time shall not be given credit for the course or subject.

13.4 Application in subjects with or without laboratory and more than 3 units’ subjects is as follows:

13.4. 1. Any subject meeting 1 x a week = 3 absences max. = 4 absences over cut

13.4. 2. Any subject meeting 2 x a week = 7 absences max. = 8 absences over cut

13.4. 3. Any subject meeting 3 x a week = 10 absences max. = 11 absences over cut

13.5 Summer classes shall have the prescribed maximum number of cuts for a particular subject is five (5) meeting days. This is regardless of the number of units assigned to the subject.

13.6 Any student who exceeds the prescribed maximum numbers of cuts for a particular subject is considered dropped, and shall receive a corresponding remark in the Report of Grades of DROPPED for the semester regardless of his performance in the class as of the date of debarment.

13.7 Any student who, for unavoidable cause, absents himself from class must obtain an excuse slip from the student Organization and Discipline Office to be presented to the instructor concerned not later than the second class session following the student’s return.

13.8 In case the absence is due to illness and confined in a hospital, a medical certificate must be presented.

13.9 Excuse from classes is discretion of the instructor and are for the time missed only. All work covered by the class during the absence shall be made up for the satisfaction of the instructor within a reasonable time from the date of absence.

13.10 A student is considered late when he/she is not yet present during the roll call and until the fifteenth minute from the start of class. Lateness beyond fifteen minutes is considered an absence in the subject. Three (3) instances of lateness are counted as one (1) absence.

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