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8.1 Transfer to another class may be allowed only with the approval of the College Dean, who shall advice the Registrar's Office for proper recording.

8.2 Adding and dropping of subjects are permitted ten (10) working days after regular classes have been held and two days during summer for the following reasons:

8.2.1 conflict of schedule;

8.2.2 change of course;

8.2.3 subject is dissolved;

8.2.4 pre-request subject is failed and

8.2.5 contingencies such as cutting down on the number of units, employment and other reasons provided that the Department Chairman approves.

8.3 A student who add or drop a subject shall fill out the necessary application form with the Registrar’s Office. However, any student who drops a subject after the adding or dropping of subjects schedule shall have his/her registration privileges cut or entirely withdrawn.

8.4 Furthermore, if the subject is dropped after midterm, the student shall automatically receive a failing grade.

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