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           The office has the following responsibilities:

  1. Prepares, drafts, notarizes agreements, contracts, legal proceedings and documentary requirements of the school;
  2. Advises the College President and Administrators regarding pertinent laws and government regulations affecting the management and operations of the College;
  3. Assists the HRMO in reviewing employment policies, rules and regulations, code of conduct, and ensures that these are consistent with laws and government regulations;
  4. Assists the HRMO and other Administrators in preparing contracts, investigations, summary proceedings, and disciplinary recommendations;
  5. Review contracts and agreements;
  6. Stores and classifies legal materials concerning the school that may be required during hearings and consultations and shall furnish the Offices of the President and the Records for future references;
  7. Invites attention of the President and/or Administrators concerned to policies, plans of action, agreements, that may cause harm to the School;
  8. Is available for consultation on legal matters;
  9. Coordinates with the Retainer-Lawyer in review and participation in negotiations leading to the conclusion of all conflicts;
  10. Represents the School in any conferences, consultations, legal hearings and meetings.

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