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As of June 2018

         Per Section 9, Republic Act 8292 states “There shall be an administrative council consisting of the President of the University or College as Chairman, the Vice President(s), Deans, Directors and other Officers of equal rank as members and whose duty is to review and recommend to the Board of Regents/Trustees policies governing the administration, management and development planning of the university of college for appropriate action.”

           As such, this is to certify that hereunder is the composition of the SPAMAST Administrative Council as of September 2017, to wit:

     Further, as specified in Chapter 4, Manual of Operations the following are the duties and responsibilities of the SPAMAST Administrative Council, which states:     

 Duties and Responsibilities 

  1. Review and recommend appropriate policies governing the administrative management and development planning of the College subject to the  approval of the Board of Trustees; and

  2. Act in an advisory capacity to the President in all matters pertaining to the Office of the President for which the President seeks advice (Sec. 37, RA 8292 IRR).

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