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As of  June 27, 2018

             Per Section 10, Republic Act 8292 states “There shall be an academic council with the President of the university or college as Chairman and all members of the instructional staff with rank of not lower than assistant professor as members.            

              As such, this is to certify that hereunder is the composition of the SPAMAST Academic Council as of  September 2017, to wit:

 Chairperson:    Raul C. Alvarez Jr., Ed.D., CESO III (OIC-President)


Nila Nanette S. Revilla, Ph.D. (Professor 4)
Augie E. Fuentes, Ph.D.  (Professor 3)
Ruth S. Lucero, Ph.D.  (Professor 1)
Helen W. Noel, Ph.D.  (Associate Professor 5)
Luciano D. Nasibog Jr., DBA (Associate Professor 1)
Zandro P. Ibanez, Ed. D. (Associate Professor 2)
Grace D. Buencillo, DBA (Associate Professor 3)
Dario R. Morastil, Ph.D. (Associate Professor 3)
Cindy B. Rosil, Ed.D.  (Associate Professor 1)
Geronima M. Estimada, Ph.D. (Professor 1)
Della Grace G. Bacaltos, Ph.D. (Professor 6)
Alexander M. Campaner, Ph.D. (College Professor)
Cristina B. Garcia, MA   (Associate Professor 2)
Eddie D. Batoctoy, MS  (Assistant Professor 3)
Ricardo D. Mamale  (Assistant Professor 3)
Eduardo F. Aquino, MS  (Associate Professor 1)
Elenito P. Bugawisan, PhD (Assistant Professor 4)
Marlyn B. Llameg, MS  (Associate Professor 2)
Proceso B. Barola Jr., MS (Associate Professor 1)

Edelyn S. Albiso, MBA (Assistant Professor 4)
Ramon C. Estilloso, MS (Assistant Professor 2) 
Exenizer A. Arcon, MS (Assistant Professor 3)
Pedro M. Avenido, Ph.D. (Associate Professor 3)
Amelie T. Bello, Ed.D. (Assistant Professor 4)
Karen E. Cabalquino, MA  (Assistant Professor 2)
Rommel D.  Cabalquinto, MS  (Assistant Professor 2)
Siverlyn M. Camposano, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor 4)
Arlyn J. Omboy, MA   (Assistant Professor 3)
Erlinda M. Palacio, MS   (Assistant Professor 2)
Cherry Ann P. Roxas, MBA  (Assistant Professor 3)
Juan P. Agudera, Jr. MSA (Assistant Professor 2)
Carlito B. Balandra, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor 1)
Sheryl Mae P. Carbajosa (Assistant Professor 1)
Domingo V. Origines (Assistant Professor 1)
Marilou C. Sabud (Assistant Professor 2)
Razel Allan R. Vallezer (Assistant Professor 1)
Sheila Jane S. Yap (Assistant Professor 2)

          Further, as specified in Chapter 4, Manual of Operations the following are the duties and responsibilities of the SPAMAST Administrative Council, which states: 

Academic Council

          The highest academic body of the College is the Academic Council (AC) which is composed of the President as Chairperson, Board Secretary as secretary, and all faculty with the rank of at least Assistant Professor as members.

Duties and Responsibilities 

         Subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees, the Academic Council has the following functions:

  • Prescribing the courses of study, curricula, and rules of discipline;
  • Setting the admission requirements to any Institute or unit of the college. As a policy the Departments or units may have stricter requirements but may not be lesser than Colleges;
  • Setting graduation requirements and awarding of degrees;
  • Recommending recipients of degrees or diplomas; and
  • Exercising disciplinary powers over the students, through the President or the Council’s appropriate Committee, in accordance to the rules of discipline prescribed by the Board.

Meetings of Academic Council

  1. The President shall set the date and time the AC shall meet; however, a special meeting may be called by the President upon the written request of one-third (⅓) of the members of the AC.
  2. Every member of the AC is required to attend all its meetings. Excuse may be granted if such member’s Dean or Director considers the reason satisfactory. Members of the faculty who have to attend council meetings shall assign some work or activity to their students if they have a class during the meeting time.

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