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I. Personal Information


     Address: 3613 Cor Burgos-Bataan Sts, Zone III, Digos City

     SPAMAST ID Number : 087

     Civil Status: Married

     Age: 50 years old Weight: 67 kgs Height: 1.5 meters

     Date of Birth: January 17, 1961

     Place of Birth: Bolila, Malita, Davao del Sur


II. Family Background

     Names of Spouse: Ramon E. Revilla

     Occupation : Government Employee

     Name of Agency: Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board – XI

     Address: Davao City

     Name of Parents:

          Father: Andres S. Suero Occupation: Retired General Supervisor - DepEd

          Mother: Irene Solanzo Suero Occupation: Retired District Supervisor - DepEd


     Name Birth Date

          Ranan Jethro S. Revilla      July 11, 1990

          Rainil Jeziel S. Revilla        October 16, 1994

          Aireen Hossana S. Revilla   April 25, 2001


III. Educational Background

     Elementary :

          Name of School: Malita Central Elementary School

          Year Graduated : 1972 Honors Received: Valedictorian



          Name of School: Malita Municipal High School

          Year Graduated: 1977 Honors Received: Valedictorian


     Baccalaureate: Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering

          Name of School: University of Southern Mindanao

          Address: Kabacan, Cotabato

          Year Graduated: 1982


     Post Graduate:

          Master’s Degree: Master of Science in Agriculture (Animal Science)

          Name of School: University of Southeastern Philippines

          Address: Tagum City

          Year Graduated: 1997


     Doctoral Degree: Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Science

          (Animal Science/Seed Technology)

          Name of School: University of Southern Mindanao

          Address: Kabacan, Cotabato

          Year graduated: 2005


IV. Civil Service Eligibility

     Career Service Sub-professional Cotabato City

     Licensure Exam for Agricultural Engineers Manila

     Career Service Professional Davao City

     Professional Board Exam for Teachers Davao City


V. Work Experience

     Rural Bank of Malita 1982

     SPAMAST Sept 1982 to present as

     School Registrar



          Department Chairperson -Agricultural Engineering 1994-1995

          Campus Director – Digos Campus 1995-1997

          College Dean 2000-2001

          Research and Extension Coordinator/Graduate School Coordinator 2003-2005

          Director for Research and Extension 2005-2010

          VPAA 2010 to present


VI. Voluntary Work or involvement in civic/non-government/people/voluntary organizations

     Member - Philippine Society of Agricultural Engineers (National Chapter) 1982

     Member - Couples for Christ – Davao del Sur 1997

     Member - Philippine Society of Animal Science 1998

     Member - Philippine Fisheries Association Inc. 2008

     Member - Philippine Association for Research Institutions 2011

     Member - International Association of Multidisciplinary Research 2011

     President – Philippine Society of Agricultural Engineers –

     Southeastern Mindanao Chapte 2011-present


VII. Training Programs/Skills Accreditation

     TESDA National Certificate 1 – Agricultural Crops (March 17, 2009 – March 17, 2014)

     TESDA National Certificate II – Animal Production (March 17, 2009 – March 17, 2014)


VIII. Achievement in Research and Extension (2007-present)

      Moderator Project Formulation Workshop for Top 3 Commodities

     In Region XI July 12-13, 2007 PCARRD/SMARRDEC

     Participant PCARRD-Regional Consortia-PMA Consultation and Planning

     Workshop on Techno Gabay Program August 14-15, 2007 PCARRD/NOMCARRD/SMARRDEC

     Facilitator Orientation Seminar on Forest Fire/Household and Agricultural

     Establishment Protection, Management and Control September 28, 2007 SPAMAST

     Evaluator 2007 Division Science Quiz and DEPED INTEL

     PHILIPPINE SCIENCE FAIR October 5, 2007 ` DEPED-Davao del Sur

     Facilitator Opportunities and Prospects of Agri-Based Projects and

     Other Related Safety Measures November 23, 2007 SPAMAST

     Coordinator 2-day IEC training for the Mgt of 3 MPAs in January 15-16, 2008 SPAMAST RDE

     Adviser Seminar-Workshop on School-Community Partnership

     Program Planning January 26, 2008 SPAMAST

     Participant Self Transformation Towards One Vision February 8, 2008 SPAMAST

     Coordinator Seminar Workshop on Mainstreaming GAD in Agriculture

          and Fishery February 20-21, 2008 SPAMAST

     Participant Web Content Management System Using Joomla FITS IS March 25-27, 2008 PCARRD

     Resource Speaker Enhancing Native Chicken Production and Mgt March 14, 2008 SPAMAST RDE

     Participant Dairy Goat and Milk Product Processing September 2, 2008 DA XI RFU

     Participant Industrial Pollution: cleaner Production Needs for Region XI September 22, 2008 SMARRDEC/DOSCST/DOST/ VICTORIA UNIVERSITY, AUSTRALIA

     Evaluator Regional Quality Assurance Team 2007-2008 CHED XI

     Participant Training Program on Capacity Enhancement of Davao

     Region Industry Cluster Team May 19, 2008-February 5, 2009 DTI/JICA

     Participant PMA-PLGU Consultation Workshop on Techno Gabay

     Program April 14-16, 2009 PCARRD-DOST

     Coordinator Consultation Workshop on the Implementation and

     Enforcement of RA 8559 and the Philippine Agricultural

     Engineering Standards on the Design, Construction and

     Implementation of Agricultural Buildings and Structures May 19, 2009 PSAE SEM/SPAMAST

     Facilitator Hands-on Training on Product Label Designing June 18-19, 2009 SPAMAST/DOST XI-Dvo del Sur

     Participant National Conference on Research in Higher Education Nov 12-13, 2009 CHED

     Paper Presenter Community-Based Monitoring and Profiling of Seaweed

          in Model Farms October 19-21, 2009 PCAMRD- Zone V

     Paper Presentor Improved Kappahycus Drippings as Liquid Fertilizer January 30, 2009 PCAMRD

     Participant Seminar Workshop on the Start and Improve yourBusiness Feb 6-8, 2009 ILO/DOST-PCAMRD Zone V

     Participant Technical Forum on Implementation of DBM

     Memo Circular No. 2008-167 and PRC BOA

     Memo 2008-18 March 27, 2009 PSAE-SEM/DAECO


IX. Recognition/Awards Received

     Co-Author Presented Paper onLand Use Conversion and Crop Change

     – 3rd National Agroforestry Congress PAFERN/DMMSU/UPLB Nov 14-15, 2007


     2nd Place Strengthening 3 MPAs in Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur to support the MPAs Network In Davao Gulf (Author) PCAMRD Zone V December 6-8, 2007

      Co-Author Presented Paper on Gender Participation in the Production and Marketing of SeaweedsIn Davao del Sur NNWFPI-BFAR/PCAMRD/UPV May 21-23, 2008

      First Place (Development Paper Category- 22nd Regional Research Development Symposium Highlights) S&T Based Farm on Mango Production in Davao del Sur SPAMAST February 8, 2009

      Gold Award Development, Production, Utilization and Commercialization of Seaweed Drippings As Foliar Fertilizer PAIR/IAMURE August 17-20, 2011

     Platinum Award Dwarfing of Carabao Mango through Radical Pruning and Rejuvenation Practices PAIR/IAMURE August 17-20, 2011

      Recipient Asian Research Management Award 2011 PAIR/IAMURE August 17-20, 2011

      Recipient Best Dressed Asian Researcher Award Female Category PAIR/IAMURE August 17-20, 2011


X. List of Patents, Licenses, Copyright





Registration Number

Date Issued


Response of Goats Fed Selected Improved Pasture Grass Soilage and Silage Supplemented with Corn Grains




Nila Nanette S. Revilla




May 10, 2012


Process for Increasing Shelflife of Fruits and Vegetables


Utility Model


Nila Nanette S. Revilla and Rhoda M. Hilis




February 15, 2010


Seaweed Based Pastry Products-Seaweed Tart


Utility Model


Arlene J. Omboy, Della Grace G. Bacaltos, Nila Nanette S. Revilla and Graciela L. Caballero




January 11, 2010


Seaweed Based Pastry Products-Seaweed Nuggets


Utility Model


Arlene J. Omboy, Della Grace G. Bacaltos, Nila Nanette S. Revilla and Graciela L. Caballero




January 11, 2010


Seaweed Based Pastry Products-Seaweed Cupcake


Utility Model


Arlene J. Omboy, Della Grace G. Bacaltos, Nila Nanette S. Revilla and Graciela L. Caballero





December 7, 2009


Process for Preparing Betelnut (Areca Catechu) As Anthelmintic for Animals


Utility Model


Nila Nanette S. Revilla and Augie E. Fuentes




November 23, 2009

A Method of Producing Foliar Seaweed Fertilizer From Fresh Kappaphycus Alvarezii

Utility Model

Nila Nanette S. Revilla, Della Grace G. Bacaltos and Graciela L. Caballero


June 15, 2009


XI. Publications





Sprouting Induction of Potato Tubers At Different Levels of Calcium Carbide Under Illuminated and Unilluminated Conditions (Co-Author)


SPAMAST Journal Volume 5, Number 1&2, 2008



Response of Corn (Zea Mays Lin. To the Application od Mudpress-based Organic Fertilizer (Co-Author)


SPAMAST Journal Volume 5, Number 1&2, 2008



Technolgy Update: Sea Cucumber Powder (Co-Author)

The PCAMRD Waves

April-June 2010





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