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  1. Acts as Officer-in-Charge of the college when so designated by the President;
  2. Directly reports to the President and responsible in implementing academic policies and programs of the college;
  3. Exercises the following specific duties and functions:
  • To supervise and coordinate all academic units and programs of the College;
  • To administer the overall execution of policies on instruction approved by the Board of Trustees, as recommended by the Academic Council, and by other higher authorities;
  • To recommend to the President academic policies pertaining to curricula, faculty appointments and assignments, and academic programs;
  • To evaluate the performance of the Directors and Deans under his supervision;
  • To conduct meetings and conferences with Directors and Deans under his supervision;
  • To coordinate the planning and preparation of the proposed annual budget of the different colleges;
  • To coordinate with the Research and Extension units of the college in promoting the research and extension activities of the faculty;
  • To serve as ex-officio chariman of all standing and/or ad hoc committees which shall conduct regular faculty appraisal on performance evaluation, screening of applicants for scholarship and faculty development and other related purposes;
  • To coordinate with other educational institutions and/or related agencies to ensure inter-program/agency complementation and efficient maximization of available resources; and
  • To submit periodic report and accomplishments to the President.



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