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  • Digos Campus
  •                    Doctoral Programs  
  •                           Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Management
  •                   Master's Programs
  •                            Master of Business Administration Major in Agri-Business Management
  •                            Master of Arts in Education
  •                                  Major in Educational Management
  •                                  Major in Language Teaching
  •                                  Major in Mathematics Teaching
  •                                  Major in Science Teaching
  •                          Master of Science in Agriculture Major in Horticulture
    •               Master in Environment and Resource Management
    •               Master in Information Technology
    •               Master in Science in Engineering Major in Land and Water Resources Engineering and Technology
      •     Master of Public Administration Major in Local Government           
  •                     POST-BACCALAUREATE PROGRAMS:
  •                          Teacher Certificate Program
    •               Certificate in Pre School Education
  •  Malita Campus
  •                    Master of Arts in Education
  •                                 Major: Educational Management
  •                     Master of Science in Fisheries
  •                                 Major in Aquaculture
  •                     Master of Science in Marine Biodiversity
  •                              Certificate in Pre-School Education
  •                               Teacher Certificate Program

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