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           The office has the following responsibilities:

  1. Provides integral administrative and organization to the President and help maintain a positive image for the school;
  2. Facilitates daily activities of the President's Office using initiative in adopting, combining and/or improving process, service(s), etc.;
  3. Process mail, making appropriate responses if possible or necessary Drafts correspondence from the President, occasionally in response to confidential inquiries, which may require some research and policy interpretation;
  4. Prepares draft reports, materials and charts for presentation by the President;
  5. Provides administrative and clerical assistance required for a variety of functions and projects;
  6. Public relations - formulates and implements strategies to build, manage and sustain the positive image of the school to its key public;
  7. Community relations - Serves as a contact point for business and civic organizations, disseminating information about the school to its key public;
  8. Media relations - Develops and maintains contact with reporters, editors, and photographers in the print and broadcast news media at the local and regional levels;
  9. Institutional announcements - Disseminates information to the news media on key administrative or institutional changes and other information of interest to the general public through press releases;
  10. Keeps internal communication with the campuses through newsletters, publications, electronic mail and other appropriate channels;
  11. Prepares the annual report and newsletters;
  12. Coordinate with the web developer in relation to the design layout of the school web, its official content and validity of the information;
  13. Coordinates with the departments, units, centers, colleges and campuses of the school in concluding and documenting relevant events and activities; and
  14. Helps manage and sustain the positive image of the school towards its key and general public.


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University of the Philippines - Mindanao Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts 2006
UP - Open University Master of Arts Development Communication 2010

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