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Lynette A. Bontia, Ph.D.

Chief Administrative Officer/Campus Director

 Nanette S. Revilla, Ph.D.

VP for Academic Affairs

Augie E. Fuentes, Ph.D.

Director, R & E




Zandro P. Ibanez, Ed.D.

Campus Director, Digos Campus

Jem Boy B. Cabrella, Ph.D.

Dean, IEGS

Marlyn B. Llameg, Ph.D.

Dean, IFMS




Meliza P. Alo, Ph.D.


Geronima M. Estimada, Ph.D.


Mark Jude Trondillo, ME

Dean, ICET


Elenito P. Bugawisan, Ph.D.


Amelie T. Bello, Ph.D.

Director, Student Services

Edwin G. Ostique, CPA

Director, Fianance


Leo A. Radores, RPAE

Director, ASO

Clara A. Acebes, RPAE MPS

Director, Planning/MIS

Ar. Jason B. Santos

Director, SEO


Noel P. Sobejana, DIT

Director, ICT Center


Mabell B. Brigole

Director, Library Services

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