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About Us

Narrative Description of the Institute

   Institute of Teacher Education and Information Technology (ITEIT) is one of the institutes of SPAMAST Malita Campus spearheaded by Dr. Jem Boy B. Cabrella, the Dean. Under this institute, three programs are offered: (1) Teacher Education Program, (2) Information Technology, and (3) Graduate School Program. It is composed of four departments: (1) Teacher Education Department (TED), (2) Department of Arts and Sciences (DAS), (3) Information Technology Department (ITD), and (4) Graduate School Department (GSD). TEP is headed by Dr. Ruth S. Lucero, DAS by Dr. Jem Boy B. Cabrella, ITD by Prof. Jesolito J. Mebolos, and GSD by Dr. Sevilla C. Yobueno.

   ITEIT provides quality education that produces responsible and excellent teachers and IT specialists with utmost self-reliance and confidence who will be serving the community in developing province of Davao Occidental. These graduates are equipped with sufficient knowledge, adequate skills, and desirable values needed to acquire employment after graduation.

In the graduate school program, ITEIT produces graduates in Master of Arts in Education who possess the qualities and virtues of being principals and master teachers in the field of their choice during enrolment. It provides courses for those who will be teaching pre-school and those who hold bachelor’s degree and desire to teach in elementary or secondary school in the Department of Education.

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