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    Digos City - Hard work paid off for an ukay-ukay vendor’s only daughter and consistent achiever who landed in the Top 10 in the September 2017 Licensure Examination for Teachers in the secondary level.

   Mary Lisley Jane Reyes, a Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Mathematics graduate from Southern Philippines Agri-Business and Marine and Aquatic School of Technology (SPAMAST), clinched the 10th spot with the rating of 91.00 percent. She was the sole top notcher from Davao Region among five State Universities and Colleges in the region.

   Reyes said that she did not expect to make it to the Top 10. Her high school friend texted her mother last November 27 in the morning,  She even did not believe the results at first, not until her father told her running and shouting and that she made it on top.

   While waiting for the LET results, Reyes was baby- sitting at her neighbor’s children and at night she’s a tutor to an older sister of the kid she’s taking care of with a salary of two hundred pesos a day, enough to help her mother sustain in their daily needs.

   Reyes shared that being on top was truly a blessing.

   Reyes shared she was not afraid to fail though many were expecting she will pass with flying colors. She said she decided to take the exam last September so that all her learned knowledge will still be fresh and new in her mind. The 21-year-old lady was a consistent dean’s lister in college, a salutatorian in high school, and the valedictorian of her batch in grade school.

    Seeing how hard life is, Reyes did not lose hope but instead took it as a challenge to strive more. Reyes had her studies financed well because she was a consistent scholar. For the first two years in college she was an academic scholar and the latter years she was a Department of Science and Technology scholar. She was truly blessed with intellect after maintaining good grades for her scholarships.

   Reyes admitted that it was really her dream of becoming a teacher in the future as she was inspired of the sacrifices her teachers did to help her learn.

   Reyes is the only daughter of Mr. Hermelino Costanos and Ms. Josephine Reyes. Her father didn’t have work at all because he’s already old and it was only her mother who works to earn a living selling ukay-ukay to different offices in Digos City.

   “Studying well with constant prayer and proper mindset of passing the board exam were my secrets to success. In fact, it was really my goal to top the LET in order to have an assurance for employment kay gusto naman gud nako nga muundang si mama ug pamaligya ug ukay-ukay, Or if not granted to top, at least I will still be able to pass the test having this mantra, ‘Reach for the moon even if you miss you will still land among the stars,” she said.

   “It was also my drive to make SPAMAST known all over the Philippines in the field of education because if I will top, it will directly speak of what is SPAMAST, an academe with top caliber professors and the good governance of the administration under the presidency of Dr. Irvin C. Generalao is truly worth exhilarating, maong dili jud nako sayangon ang panahon,” she said.

   “Right after the test, I really thought that topping the LET is now impossible for me because I really find difficulty in answering the professional education part of the test yet God is so good that He still granted the gift of being on top,” she shared.

   “I am still at cloud nine up to this time with all the greetings and salute for being on top. I offer this first to God for giving me not failures but rather blessings in disguise for it molded me to become a better person ready to hurdle life’s challenges. Next, to my parents for their sacrifices since birth. Third, to all my mentors since elementary up to college who helped me prepared in all the substantial information I need. And lastly, my friends and classmates who taught me to smile and cheers despite the life’s ups and downs,” she exclaimed.

   Reyes’ achievement was SPAMAST’s pride. She was asked by the school president Dr. Generalao to apply and teach at SPAMAST.

  “I really grabbed the offer of SPAMAST for in the first place, I owe them much of my years of studies. I would also want to help my fellow SPAMASTian to strive harder for them not to feel the burden before taking the LET. I want to give back the goodness I received,” Reyes shared.

   The Professional Regulation Commission announced that out of 46,626secondary teachers out of 107,020 examinees (46.37%) successfully passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers (L.E.T).

   In SPAMAST, there passing rate for their first timers is 77.14% with National Passing Rate of 46. 37% and its school’s overall passing rate is 59. 33%.

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